Thursday, 2 June 2016

Hedmark 2016 Installment II

Another 24 hours has passed in Hedmark and I was finished with a days work before 9am. These TovE breeding bird surveys are quite hard work but do also give the chance to visit new areas and hopefully see some good birds. When I took on the routed in Hedmark I had hoped that I would regularly encounter birds like Three-toed Woodpecker and Siberian Jay but that has not been the case and one thing I have learnt is that Hedmark is covered in commercial forest that has a very limited birdlife.
Today though I did have some excitement. In an area dominated by pines and which were being felled whilst I was there I had many Parrot Crossbill families, a couple of female Capercailles and best of all, and finally, a Three-toed Pecker on one of my routes. The pecker was a female who was drumming and feeding and therefore I wonder not breeding? As is often the case with this species I was avle to stand right underneath it. The common birds in this area were Willow Warbler, Tree Pipit and Chaffinch with a few Mistle Thrushes, Redstarts, Bramblings, Cuckoo and Black Grouse amongst others.
I also finally had a raptor (although on my little trip into Sweden had Osprey and Kestel) with a pair of Kestrels displaying which is very late in the season and could indicate a second breeding attempt.

Later on I visited the Fulufjellet National Park which straddles the border with Sweden and seems to be a very exciting area if one has the time to explore (apparantly lots of Bears here).

Yesterday afternoon saw me again searching for Siberian Tits, this time in Femundmarka and only finding Willow Tits. The Sibes must be present in such low densities that it is amazing that they find each other and pair up.

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