Monday, 13 August 2012


After a few days back in the UK I had a walk in Maridalen today. I was hoping to locate the Whooper Swan family but couldn’t find them either on their breeding lake or the much large Maridalsvannet. Hopefully the youngsters have fledged successfully. Real signs of autumn today with suddenly far fewer Swifts to be seen and Chaffinchs flocking in the fields with a scattering of Tree Pipits amongst them.
One of the most noticeable things today were 1cm long toads hopping everywhere. They must have left the water on mass very recently (perhaps last night) and are seeking out cool damp places to fatten up before having to face their first hibernation. Also found a discarded snake skin although it wasn’t obvious what species it once adorned.
Bathing Starlings. Mostly juveniles which are fast changing moulting to 1st winter plumage

A 1cm long toad taken with a 300m lens

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