Tuesday, 21 August 2012


young Turnstone
Today I was lucky enough to join Andres Gullberg on his boat to check out some of the islands in the Oslofjord which are not visible from the mainland. Andreas has been out quite often recently and has seen a few good birds so I was looking forward to the trip. The weather was perfect and the tide was very high thus concentrating the birds. At Gåsungene which are 3 rocks that stick up in the middle of the fjord (and have small lighthouses on them) we had 9 Dunlin (myrsnipe), 3 Knot (polarsnipe) and best of all a single Turnstone (steinvender) which was a long overdue year tick. Also here a single Common Seal (steinkobbe). On a nearby island we had a young female Peregrine perched up (she was a very large bird).
young female Peregrine

juvenile Dunlin

3 young Knot

Peregrine again

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