Friday, 31 August 2012


One of two Nutcrackers (nøttekråke) feeding in the garden this morning - note the bulging throat full of nuts!

I think I’ve been complaining too much about the seawatching recently afterall I did see 2 good birds in over 6 hours of sea gazing.
Today though I felt I could complain. Over breakfast I noticed a small creature creeping up my youngest daughter’s hair – a head lice! Out with the special comb and yes both the girls had them. Well that meant no school for them, no trip with Rune for me and a trip to the chemist to buy some poison. After administering the treatment and washing all bedding and towels I suggested a ride around Fornebu – this is always greeted with enthusiasm.
When we got there just after 1pm it was sunny, warm and there appeared to be some birds around. First a juvenile Buzzard (musvåk) was hunting close by (an unusual sight) and hovering before flying over our heads allowing me some pictures (I am slowly getting the hang of the new lens but am still not entirely satisified).

juvenile Buzzard

In the bushes there seemed to be good numbers of warblers with many Willow Warblers (løvsanger) and a few Blackcaps (munk) and whilst watching a young Whinchat (buskskvett) I noticed some movement around some berry bushes. The first bird I saw was a very large warbler, with noticeable barring on the undertail coverts, a big eye, a big bill and a generally plain grey plumage. Like a large Garden Warbler with barring – a Barred Warbler (hauksanger)! It grabbed a berry and disappeared in the bushes. I tried my best to relocate it but with two impatient kids I was limited to just hanging around the general area and occasionally peering at the bushes...without luck. Then when we were leaving it flew and showed well. In flight it was very distinctive. It resembled a shrike due to its size, strong bill and undulating flight. Additional plumage features that I picked up were its prominent wing bars and the white outer tail feathers which showed very well when it landed. Barred Warbler is less than annual in these parts and this was an Akershus tick for me.
Later whilst the kids were playing in a playground a male Bluethroat (blåstrupe) hopped around some bushes and a couple of Wheaters (steinskvett) also showed.
male Bluethroat

I really got the feeling there had been a mini fall at Fornebu today and just wonder what would have shown with an early morning visit.
Butterflies have been more obvious of late in what has generally been a very poor year for them. I had my first sighting of Brown Hairstreak (slåpetornstjertvinge) along with a showy Common Blue (tiriltungeblåvinge) which allowed themselves to be photographed.
female Borwn Hairstreak

male Common Blue


  1. Cool blog:) I'm a wannabe-birder, so I'm learning lots here! Thanks.

  2. Thanks "anonymous", you've chosen a great hobby - it's one where you will always have things to learn no matter how much experience you have which is what makes it so exciting.