Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Summer seems to finally have come to Oslo today with temperatures in the mid-20's. During a ride around Fornebu today there was some signs of migration with a Marsh Warbler (myrsanger), two Whinchats (buskskvett) plus a Red-backed Shrike (tornskate). The plastic Red-breasted Goose was also around and allowed itself to be photographed at close range.
At home we had a pleasant surprise when we discovered that the frogspawn we collected in Maridalen in the spring had turned into frogs. The murky waters of the container where we have had them had at least 10 tiny frogs swimming about in it. We took them up to Maridalen and released them in the same pool where we collected the spawn. Interestingly there were a number of "wild" froglets here. Although they were a bit larger than ours (due probably to a better diet) it seems that they have metomorphosised at exactly the same rate as our "domestic" ones.
Home-grown froglets

Red-breasted Goose

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