Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Spotted Crake

I finally added Spotted Crake (myrrikse) to my year list today. A couple of birds have been seen occasionally over the last week along the edge of the reedbed at Presterødkilen in Tønsberg. Given this site is also often good for waders I gave it a go today. Arriving at 11am with a hot sun glaring down the conditions were perhaps not perfect but after first glimpsing a Water Rail (vannrikse) I only had to wait 15 minutes before the Spotted Crake showed. It was 'scope views only as it weaved in and out of the bases of the reeds for about 5 minutes - a typical encounter with this species.
Very few waders here with just 2 Ruff (brushane) and a Dunlin (myrsnipe) of note. A stop at Møringa on the way home produced a few more though with 6 Knot (polarsnipe), 9 Ringed Plovers, 4 Dunlin and 5 Redshank (rødstilk) of note.

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