Saturday, 19 May 2012

Family birding

Took the kids to Maridalen and Fornebu today. Maridalen had 22 Tufted Ducks (toppand) in the middle of the lake - presmuably part of a second wave of migration perhaps headed for small lakes high in the mountains which will soon be ice free. Also a resting flock of 20 Pink-footed (kortnebbgås) and 8 Greylag Goose (grågås). An unseen raptor put up all the ducks and geese at one stage - must have been a big one! The breeding pair of Greylags showed themselves with three young and a Stock Dove (skogdue) was an indication that they are perhaps breeding after my sighting a couple of weeks ago.
At Fornebu little to be seen but the Eider (ærfugl) ducks have many young and a Whitethroat (tornsanger) showed itself.
Eider ducks with young

The first Common Rosefinches (rosenfink) were seen in the Oslo area today and the first Red-backed Shrikes (tornskate) yesterday so I look forward to finding some next week.

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