Friday, 4 May 2012

Bad nights sleep

Just before falling asleep a message came through that Tõnn passed over Hellesjøvannet at 2pm yesterday. I was at Hellesjøvannet until at least 1345 – had I missed him? Tõnn is a satellite tracked Greater Spotted Eagle, originally from Estonia but has spent at least the last 2 summers in Sweden with occasional forays into Norway and he is back again. He has never been seen in Norway and we only have this website to know where he is although he has been seen in Sweden.
The news that I had missed him put me in a bad mood which I noticed when I woke up this morning. On checking the website though it seems the news was slightly wrong. Tõnn is in Norway but is further north in Hedmark. So, I can remain satisfied with yesterday’s Serin and don’t need to worry about the one that got away!

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