Tuesday, 20 December 2011


I managed to persuade Mrs.Oslo Birder that a walk around Frogner Park would make a good break from xmas shopping. Well 30 minutes of standing in the cold was enough for both of us and gave no sign of rare gulls. A single adult Black-headed Gull gave some hope but otherwise just 2 Common Gulls amongst 40 or so Herring Gulls. Four Tufted Ducks today (a 100% increase on yesterday) shows there is some movement though.
Looking at the gulls I found 2 colour ringed birds which I was able to find out history on from this website
Herring Gull
Here is adult Herring Gull J2808 who was ringed at the same site as a 1K on 14.10.06 and has been seen reported regularly but always at the same location.

Next up was a ringed adult Common Gull JYAO who was ringed also at Frogner Park as an adult on 040210 and been reported a few times since but always at the same site.

Common Gull
I also spent some time looking at the Herring Gulls which is not normally one of my favoured aspects of birding but an assumed hybrid 1k Herring x Glaucous Gull was reported here yesterday so I forced myself! Here are a 1K and a 2K:
2K Herring Gull - note the grey mantle feathers

1K Herring Gull

There was also this adult Herring Gull which (for me at least) showed an usual patterning of dark feathers on the head.

Finally I turned the camera at the Tufted Ducks and managed this OK shot
male Tufted Duck

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