Friday, 23 December 2011

I can't believe you haven't seen an Eagle Owl

After bagging Three-toed Woodpecker a few weeks ago my “I can’t believe you live in Norway and haven’t seen it” List is now headed by Eagle Owl.
Yesterday evening one was seen and photographed just after 5pm right in the middle of Oslo. I then got a text at 11.30pm telling me it was apparently still sitting in the same tree! Well I had already brushed my teeth and had indulged in some Christmas cheer so was not willing or able to jump in the car for the 10 minute drive. I was therefore a little jealous to find out this morning that the sender of the text had been done just that and had been able to admire the bird just after midnight and apparently see it quite well despite the darkness.
I had to give it a go this morning so was down there at 0930 when it was still quite murky but unfortunately I could not find the bird despite searching the area for an hour. An Eagle Owl was reported downtown about a month ago so it is pretty likely that a bird that has taken up residence and presumably is finding enough rats, crows and pigeons to eat. Hopefully it will give itself up again soon...
A flock of 20 Waxwings flying around Karl Johans Gate (Oslo main shopping street) was a slight reward for my troubles.

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