Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Christmas

Over xmas the Med Gull has been refound in Oslo and would appear to be a different bird to that in October which had a damaged primary feather not shown by the current bird. I haven't been to look for it yet but will definitely go for it in the new year. Also today another showy Great Grey Owl was discovered to the south west of Oslo and will also merit a new years visit if still present. Last night saw severe storms hitting northern and western parts of Norway and we also had strong winds in Oslo. I therefore decided on a dawn (9am) visit to Fornebu with the hope of some seabirds. Unfortunately the winds had died down and there was little to see although 5 Kittiwakes were clearly storm blown. Down the Swedish coast a Ross's Gull had been found which gives continued hope of something special around Oslo. Temperatures have been as high as 10C with of course no snow which is a huge contrast to last year when it was around -15C and around a metre of snow. I wonder whether we will have a proper winter.

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