Monday, 8 April 2019

Spring arriving slowly in the Dalethe

We are having a period of northerly winds and sun which is forecast to continue for a week or so. This type of weather is not really conducive to much migration or falls of birds but of course nothing can completely hold back new arrivals. Despite the fields in Maridalen being very dry flocks of thrushes are appearing and Mistle Thrushes are in record numbers and the most numerous species which must be a first. I saw my first two Ring Ouzels of the year as well today. The pair of Cranes is proving easy to find and Lapwings seem to be established on two fields which is an exciting development as previous years have seen them consolidating to just one field.

this tailless Jackdaw (kaie) looked like a juvenile Bateleur Eagle! I have purposely made the picture darker so the plumage doesn't enlighten things..
Merlin (dvergfalk) - not quite sure of age and sex

the Cranes (trane) have made this field home

Two sightings of Great Grey Shrike (varsler) at different sites but possibly of the same bird

Mistle Thrushes (duetrost) are rarely easy to get a photo of

and these two Ring Ouzels were even more difficult

The Marsh Tit (løvmeis) is still going strong in Maridalen and is the only known individual in Oslo. It was calling a lot today but I have never heard it sing and think it is safe to assume it is a female

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