Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Cold & Dry

The bad birding conditions continue. Northerly winds, frosts, daytime temperatures and fields so dry that there are forest fire warnings really are not conducive for passage.
Yesterday, Anders and I had a particularly unproductive time and when we did finally find some birds to look at in Snekkervika the light and heat haze was so bad we couldn't even decide if we were watching Mallards or Teal...

Today, I just kept it local in the Dale and I couldn't detect any sign of migration other than a thermalling Sparrowhawk that may have been migrating. I again had Great Grey Shrikes in two localities but have yet to work out if there are two birds or not.

a back lit Common Buzzard (musvåk)

Goldcrest (fuglekonge) - this bird sang but has a yellow crown so is I assume a 2cy male. It had been in an intense fight on the ground with another male with a very orange crown

male Kestrel (tårnfalk)

female Starling (stær)

and a male

Great Grey Shrike #1 today

and #2. This bird has very distinctive white secondaries but the secondaries of #1 were always covered by the grey mantle feathers

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