Friday, 12 April 2019

High pressure woes

The high pressure remains firmly planted over Scandinavia, but the winds were much less today. I hoped there would be some raptor movement and spent hours gazing up at a blue sky over Maridalen but all in vain. I had a nice day in the sun and explored many areas but there was even less to see today. Temperatures fell to -5C overnight and everything was frozen over early on which of course doesn’t help.

I had one of the Great Grey Shrikes today and believe now that there have been at least 2 different individuals in the Dale in April. I also had both male and female Merlin.

These 5 Cranes (trane) flew north and the resident pair were on their favoured field

this Great Grey Shrike (varsler) lacks the white feathers in the secondaries (on both sides) that another bird showed on Wednesday so I feel confident we are talking of at least 2 birds (at three sites) this week

male Merlin (dvergfalk)

and female trying to look like a Gyr Falcon

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