Tuesday, 18 December 2018


There will not be much more birding between now and the new year but today I went searching for some of the more interesting birds that have been around. I was unable to find any Bearded Tits at Pollevannet and the snow has flattened most of the reeds and is lying on top of them so it is possible that the reedbed has become unsuitable for the tits although I expect they were just being their usual difficult selves. Nearby the Kingfisher was still present but as equally uncooperative as it has been on all my previous visits. A lucky picture showed it to be ringed though and with so few ringed birds having been reported on ArtsObservasjoner (although it could also be from Sweden?) there is a good chance that it was a bird (also a male based on the all black bill) that was ringed only 6km away inAugust.

A very quick stop at the tip in between Christmas shopping chores did not reveal the Glaucous Gull although it was present today.

This Kingfisher (isfugl) is not easy to see but seems to find enough fish in the area which is a traditional wintering site for the species

this lucky shot showed it to be ringed 
a more usual view of a Kingfisher

this Redpoll (gråsisik) has a very small bill which is a feature normally used to ID Arctic Redpoll and is nice and buffy around the head but the rump was not noticeably white
looks even smaller at this angle

Crested Tit (toppmeis)

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