Friday, 15 July 2016

Surf & Turf

This morning with little wind and good light I finally got a Surf Scoter within some sort of photo range and also had both Surfy and Knobby within the same long sweep of the scope. It seems that Knobby is further out for every day that passes (as was also the case last year) but there is a small group of Velvets that feeds close to the shore and I have a hope that one morning I will find Knobby or Surfy with this group.

At the cabin I have had Waxwings on three occasions with a group of three birds today looking like a family party. This is the third summer I’ve had Waxwings here so I suspect they breed in the area regularly. We’e also had a pair of White-tailed Eagles making a lot of noise, a regular pair of Red-throated Divers and a porpoise. Cabin life is good!


Surf Scoter (brilleand) at long range

this was taken with 260x digital zoom on the super zoom (other pictures taken with bazooka)

from yesterday with Stejneger's Scoter and Great Northern Diver in same shot

the close Velvets that I hope one of the rare scoters will join up with. In the is shot is a female, 2 young males and the rest are older males

an Otter from today

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