Thursday, 7 July 2016

Knobby's back!

Subtitle: Road Trip Bødo

My two day road trip from Oslo to Bodø is now finished. 1450km, 4 hours sleep, 2 burgers and chips, 5 cokes, 1 flask of coffee, 1 ice cream, a 90km detour for roadworks and some good birding - now someone get me a beer!
I had 6 specific birding stops on the way.
1. Search for breeding Pine Grosbeaks in Southern Norway (my first attempt)
2. Get my fill of "my" Red-necked Phals
3. Search for Siberian Tits in Southern Norway (attempt 9?)
4. Explores the valleys around Børgefjell National Park
5. Mountain birds and hopefully Long-tailed Skuas on Satfjellet
6. Find a rare duck or two at Fauske

My haul was Red-necked Phals at two sites, Little Gull, Sibe Jay, great views of Capercaille and Willow Grouse, Waxwing, Golden Eagle, Long-tailed Skua and in case you're not sure what the post title refers to, yes, I refound Knobby, the Stejneger's White-winged Scoter (knoppsjøorre) :-)

There aren't many birders up here but there are enough and it really surprises me that nobody seems to give any real attention to the Fauske/Klungsett area which is the most exciting birding area here and has a good pedigree of historical rares and scarces. But that's good for me as I can find things when I come up every summer 😀

More details and photos and videos to follow.j

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