Sunday, 3 July 2016

A richer life

One of the things that makes birding a truly special pastime/passion/hobby/lifestyle is the fact that it enriches everyday life. A walk in the woods or even in a city become so much richer when you are aware of the birds around you and know something about the life stories.

A walk yesterday through forest and then above the treeline was enriched by a host of birds in breeding mood with parents collecting food, protecting young and giving warning calls when we walked into their territories.

A male Bluethroat clearly had a female on a nest right by the path and sat and called on both the way up and way down and a female Hazel Grouse had three half-grown youngsters that she was trying to keep control. The young were surprisingly good fliers and mum was communicating to them with a strange bubbling call which seemed to cause the youngsters to freeze unless we came too close.
male Bluethroat (blåstrupe)

a half grow juvenile Hazel Grouse (jerpe)

although they were surprisingly good fliers

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