Friday, 8 July 2016

Hedmark 2016 Installment IX - Red-necked Phalarope

Looks like I've forgotten to pack the plug for the laptop so there will be no editing of pictures and videos until I get home.
Here though is a link to a picture of Knobby from yesterday (he was distant). I went looking for him at high tide this morning (0630) but he was even further out. There was a group of Velvet Scoters feeding close in so if I am lucky he will join this group on another day.
Edit: here is the picture I link to above
In the lack of any new eye candy, here is something I prepared earlier:

To find Red-necked Phalarope, especially in Southern Norway, it helps to know of an exact breeding site and luckily enough I have found an easily accessible one which is probably one of the closest to Oslo. I had three birds all of which looked to be females – this is one of a very few species where the females are more colourful, chase the males and after laying eggs leave all the parenting duties to dad. The other species in Norway that does this is Dotterel and there is a record of a ringed female that bred (i.e. courted, mated and laid eggs) in both Norway and Scotland in the same year!

I am publishing on the iphone which doesn't always work so well. If the video is not showing at the bottom of the post then here is a link to a video of the phalarope

the habitat

they were initially at some range

but I was able to get closer

and closer

and even closer. They fed by snapping at insects unaffected by me

this is taken with the superzoom and all other pictures with the bazooka

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