Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Dipper filming

I helped James Ewen film Dippers underwater today. James has become intimately acquainted with Akerselvas Dippers but despite many attempts has been unable to secure underwater footage. We therefore tried another site where a Dipper is often reliable in a very short section of a litter strewn stream that despite not looking to be clean enough for Dippers clearly has enough food to be irresistible.

We found the Dipper and positioned the camera in a favoured spot whereupon the bird decided to use other areas. After quite a bit of waiting the bird did fish in front of the camera although the jury is still out as to whether the footage from today is usable.
It was fun watching the bird and you always knew when it was about to look for food because it would start bobbing up and down before launching itself into the water.
Here are a few shots from today.

the camera is circled in the water waiting for the Dipper (fossekall) to take a swim
James positioning the camera. The circle shows where the bird is perched in the first picture
the bird was incredibly confiding at times

I've not really appreciated the large feet before - maybe they help it swim?

it is in a very urban environment and in addition to rubbish in the stream it was right under a busy road


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