Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Same procedure as yesterday Simon?

The weather was back to this autumn’s norm today with no wind and sunshine. The high tides continued though and for the first time I ever I had to wade through water to get out to Koksa at Fornebu. Also many of the perches that I have seen the Kingfisher use were now under water. Perhaps this was why I didn’t find the Kingfisher today or perhaps it was just using another area as it clearly does quite frequently. The Bearded Tits showed today, if distantly and there were at least four birds although quite likely even more. Early on they were quite noisy but around noon when others were present trying to see them they went completely quiet.

Large numbers of Siskins are feeding on a good birch seed crop and I stood under one tree that held a flock of 80 birds and it felt like it was snowing with all the seeds falling on the ground around me.
Two of todays Beardies

looks painful
female Yellowhammer being lit by the weak early morning sun

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