Tuesday, 10 November 2015

More of the same but nice none-the-less

After having to deal with a tradesman who nearly reprimanded me for not taking good enough care of my washing machine (apparently one should clean the clothes before putting them in the washing machine if I understood the gist correctly….) before charging me an arm and leg to repair it I got out to Fornebu just before lunch. We are still having warm weather although last night it did get down to around zero. The Kingfisher has not been reported since I saw it last Thursday despite a number of people searching over the weekend so I was mildly surprised when I heard it calling soon after I arrived. As usual it took a while to actually see it and the resulting pictures are my worst so far of this bird but there must be a hope of getting it at closer range if it hangs around – only problem now is whether the light will be any good.

The Bearded Tits hadn’t been reported since I had them last Monday until a flock of 12 were seen on Sunday so I had a hope of reacquainting myself with this fantastic species. It took a while but I eventually heard some quiet pinging from the reedbed and eventually also saw a pair. The noises I heard suggest there were more than just this pair but I have also experienced before that they can move quickly within the reeds and suddenly start calling from another spot giving the false impression there are more birds present. They showed well though in the end and I also briefly saw a Water Rail (one of in total three I heard calling).

Fornebu was otherwise quiet and I had time for a quick trip to Maridalen. Here the Great Grey Shrike was still present and as I walked out to try to get some pictures I scared up a late Skylark (sanglerke). Unusually it flew up silently and had me unsure as to what type of lark it was but luckily it flew around me a couple of times for me to confirm its identity. Although “only” a Skylark this is actually the latest record ever for Oslo that has been reported in ArtsObservasjoner although Akershus has a few winter records.
male Bearded Tit (skjeggmeis)

pair of Beardies - she clearly isn't shy

1 cy Great Grey Shrike (varsler)

today's Kingfisher (isfugl) picture

female Red-breasted Merganser (island)

pair of Mergansers with the male being in almost full breeding plumage

it looks like all three of these birds are males in different phases of moult from juvenile or eclipse plumage into breeding plumage
Two males flanking what I think is a female

Tufted Ducks (toppand)

adult female Goldeneye (kvinand)

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