Thursday, 12 November 2015

Roll up, roll up

I need to start selling tickets for the Bearded Tits! I took a trip to Fornebu at lunchtime and there were a few photographers/birders staring forlornly at a lot of reeds. I was convinced the Beardies were still present so decided to prove my point. It took close to an hour and people had come and gone but just when I thought that I would have to throw the towel in I finally heard a pling. I mustered the others who were there although I don’t think they really believed me and it took another 15 minutes or so before a bird showed distantly in flight and then with a little encouragement they came nice and close. For many this was their first encounter with one of the most enigmatic birds that one can hope to see in Norway so everyone was very happy! The birds proved again how difficult they can be to find with only a max of 5 series of calls during the course of 2 hours and most of the time they were feeding low down and out of sight. I hate to think how many gig of memory were used up with all the pictures taken but the soundtrack of this video suggests rather a lot!!

And a few still pictures from today.

we only had this pair today and they engaged in synchronised singing

fantastic warm autumn colours in the sun

male Siskin (grønnsisik)
female Siskin

same female

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