Thursday, 22 October 2015

Salt water watching

For the first time this autumn there was a hint of strong winds from the south. Although I knew the winds weren’t strong enough and had not been blowing long enough for there to be a chance of anything exciting I couldn’t stop myself going to Krokstrand for as Delboy once said :”he who dares wins Rodney”.

Time actually flew and I was there for 3 and a half hours without seeing too much but three species of auks including Little Auk (alkekonge) kept me interested and three Kittiwakes allowing themselves to be blown north by the wind were a proper seabird that normally requires strong winds to turn up in these parts.

I also had two drive by Great Grey Shrikes during the day.
Two Razorbills (alke). So far this autumn have there only been a few Guillemots (lomvi) in the Oslofjord but today I had 5 Razorbills alongside 25 Guillemots and a single Little Auk

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