Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Almost visible viz mig

Looking at the weather forecast yesterday morning it looked like today would be a very good day to observe viz mig from Hvaler in Østfold. I therefore woke at 5am and was in place at first light at 7am. Trouble was that weather forecasts are not exactly a science and the wind was much stronger (7m/s) than expected. I was not alone though in hoping for some movement and had the company of Magne Pettersen for 3 hours. We found a place out of the wind which allowed us to hear the passing birds and did have some movement to observe and count. 1190 Chaffinches/Bramblings passed over with at least 60% being Bramblings, 720 Wood Pigeons had the company of 4 Stock Doves but other species were in small numbers even though we had a variety of species. A Great Grey Shrike that perched briefly on a cabin’s flag pole before quickly moving on was the highlight.

There were not many birds in the bushes and trees and a few Goldcrests and a single Chiffchaff were the most exciting.

This Goldcrest (fuglekonge) responded very well to pishing

a montage showing the bird being blown off a branch!

bird of the day - a Great Grey Shrike (varsler) which quickly passed through

a few Mistle Thrushes (duetrost) also passed through

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