Thursday, 15 October 2015

Another one that got away

Things returned to a more normal state today although there was still a hint of spice. Julian Bell I had planned a days birding and with Fornebu proving so good yesterday we decided to keep CO2 emissions to a minimum and keep things local. When I arrived at 0850 there were already a couple of Kingfisher hunters in place but they had no sightings to report although I did see a Swallow (låvsevale) when I got out of the car which is now officially late according to ArtsObservasjoner. With some early morning cloud cover I had hoped for a few more birds and although there were a lot of thrushes in the air it was a bit quiet on the deck. Jules and I covered Nansenparken first but had little for our efforts although a Wheatear is also “officially” late. We had some Skylarks and Meadow Pipits and a single White Wagtail although few finches with the exception of Lesser Redpolls which are very numerous this autumn and seem to be the only Redpoll species here.

We hurried to Storøykilen when I got a message from Kjetil J that just like me yesterday he had heard what must have been a Yellow-browed. Jules and I were unable to unearth it and Kjetil saw or heard nothing more – so frustrating. We didn’t find anything else interesting here either except for a couple of Chiffchaffs - in addition to the Kingfisher I had yesterday and the Water Rails on Tuesday there has also been a Jack Snipe seen here making it a hot little place at the moment.

Jules and I “did” Fornebu good and hard but had little else to show for our efforts. A couple of Lapwings that flew in from the north and landed in Koksa were also a late record and we had three Sparrowhawks. A Lesser Spotted Woodpecker called but did not show and an unseen flyover would, if we had nailed it, been a second record ever for Akershus and would have made my day far more than yesterday’s records. We heard a ticking call that I can only place as a Little Bunting (dvergspurv) that came from an unseen flyover. Judging by the loudness of the call it was flying fairly low but into the sun and we did not manage to see it. I’m getting used to the one that got away now!
one of the days Sparrowhawks (spurvehauk)
the 2 late Lapwings (vipe) - I'm not sure how much food there is to find now


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