Thursday, 29 October 2015

Oh so quiet

The less said about today the better. It is cloudy at the moment and temperatures are a few degrees over zero and there is little wind but this has put a real dampener on bird activity. I attempted to refind the Med Gull again today but couldn’t find a single gull around Nordre Øyeren. I also searched four reedbeds at Fornebu with no sign of Beardies and very few birds generally. Maridalen was also very quiet although the Shrike was still present although in a new area.

The day was so frustratingly quiet that I turned my eye to stringing a Herring Gull into something more exciting although I’m not really sure what I was trying to string it into…possibly a Caspo but really it was just an odd Herring and there are plenty of those out there.
quite a few Waxwings (sidesvans) today but they were quite shy
that Shrike again although as two were seen together earlier in the morning this may be another individual

the stringy gull

an easier gull - a late 1cy Lesser Black-backed Gull


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