Monday, 10 August 2015

Maridalen insects

On my birthday I persuaded the girls to join me on a trip into Maridalen and their present to me was that they didn't moan!!!

We had hoped to see the Adders but these were not to be found but we did see a variety of cool looking insects and picked 5 litres of blueberries from a very small area.

Birds were not a real focus although I did see the 3 young Red-backed Shrikes which were now very actively feeding on their own and dad has presumably gone now. Also a group of 2 young and an adult Buzzard were I'm quite sure locally bred birds.

we saw two groups of this insect on blueberry bushes but I've no idea what it is

male Common Blue Damselfly (Stor blåvannymfe)

daddlylonglegs (no idea what their proper name is) mating which looks to be a difficult and painful act

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