Thursday, 18 September 2014

Only one day to go

Just one day to go until Værøy and local birding suddenly seems quite boring. Yesterday a trip to Fornebu revealed exceptionally little most likely as a result of the good weather we have had which has encouraged many birds to leave but not brought down any new birds. A large mixed finch flock is still present but there was nothing unusual amongst them.

Today in Maridalen there were 8 Black-throated Divers (storlom) on the lake including a group of 6 which were seemingly displaying which is something I have observed in previous autumns. A single Common Scoter (svartand) was expected as six were reported yesterday and this species seems to be regular here in the autumn. Amongst a Meadow Pipit (heipiplerke) flock I heard a Red-throated Pipit (lappiplerke) but as usual failed to find and observe the bird.

Some of the “crew” are arriving on Værøy this afternoon so as usual they will find all the good birds before I arrive although the weather patterns haven’t been that promising until now so there might not be too much waiting. The weather forecast for Friday and Saturday though looks like promising.
Grey Herons at Fornebu yesterday

Tree Sparrow (pilfink) from Fornebu. The yellow base to the bill indicates this bird to have born this year

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