Monday, 15 September 2014

Moving swiftly on

I paid a visit to the Tuentangen area of Nordre Øyeren this morning to see if I could relocate an interesting ringtail harrier (ubestemt kjerrehauk) which was photographed there on Saturday. I failed on that score with a Buzzard (musvåk) being the only raptor I saw. There were a few ducks and waders in the area including a late Little Ringed Plover (dverglo) which was keeping company with 4 Ringed Plovers (sandlo). This species is normally long gone by the end of August so this is an interesting record. At nearby Merkja a male Gadwall (snadderand) and female Shoveler (skjeand) were both good Akershus birds and on the way home I sinned and dosed up on plastic.

male Gadwall (snadderand) with Teal

young Little Ringed Plover (dverglo)


This Mandarin Duck has become the latest darling of the local nature photographers and has thereby replaced the Ruddy Shelduck which must have filled up a few hard drives by now. I think it is time that an equally attractive wild bird rather than these fence hoppers was found locally to keep those hard drives full. Note to self: find a Bee-eater (bieter) in Maridalen...

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  1. Great and amazing birds. I like all of them. They are the real beauty of nature.

    Personlig trener Stavanger