Saturday, 31 August 2013


Yesterday I visited Årnestangen for the first time in a couple of weeks because I could see that water levels were on the way down again. There were a few waders to be seen but nothing like as good as it was earlier in August. A single Curlew Sandpiper (tundrasnipe) and Temminck’s Stint were the highlights alongside a few tens of Dunlin (myrsnipe) and Ringed Plover (sandlo). Ruff (brushane) numbered only four and there were no tringa waders which is a real sign of how far we have come in the autumn.

Surprisingly there were also hardly any pipits or wagtails which surprised me given how many there have been at Fornebu. Raptors were not that numerous but the three different birds I saw were of three different species and were perched very close to each other during a rain shower: Peregrine (vandrefalk), Marsh Harrier (sivhauk) and Osprey (fiskeørn).

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