Sunday, 1 September 2013

Fornebu delivers something Red

Barnacle Geese of unknown origin but they that act in a very feral manner are a common summer and autumn sight in the Oslo area. These birds were feeding at Fornebu this morning

Fornebu pre-breakfast was again on the cards today and although there were far fewer birds than during the last week it finally delivered a local scarce bird in the form of not one, not even two but three Red-throated Pipits (lappiplerke). Meadow Pipits (heipiplerke) numbers were a bit lower than they have been with around 50 birds, Tree Pipits (trepiplerke) were represented by only a single bird and Yellow Wagtails (gulerle) were only in oresent in single figures but this is obviously an ideal time for the Red-throateds to be passing through. The three birds I had were all picked up on call. Two were among feeding Meadow Pipits but I never got to see them properly on the deck although I did put them both up a couple of times. The third was just heard flying over calling. Maybe my mission for next week should be to get some decent photos of this species.

Bluethroats (blåstrupe)were easy to see with at least five in a small area of Nansenpark and there were also a few Wheaters (steinskvett) and Whinchats (buskskvett). Warblers were also ,much reduced with only a handful of Willow Warblers (løvsanger), two Whitethroats (tornsanger), 3 Blackcaps (munk) and my first Chiffchaff (gransanger) of the autumn here.

This young Bluethroat (blåstrupe) has still retained some juvenile feathers on the crown and nape

whilst this one has moulted to 1st winter plumage

The female Smew (lappfiskand) remains in Storøykilen where a Water Rail (vannriske) was calling and a couple of Dunlin (myrsnipe) were resting at high tide.

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