Friday, 30 August 2013

Fornebu - but where are the rarities?

young Greenfinch (grønnfink) at Fornebu
Yesterday morning I had an hour at Fornebu. There are now a lot of pipits and wagtails feeding here – far more than at Øra yesterday but I was not able to pull anything unusual out of the bag. Also an early Smew (lappfiskand), first found by Rune a couple of days ago, which is presumably the same bird as last year. I aged last year’s bird as a 1cy due to it having brown as opposed to black lores but this bird also has looked to have brown lores in the field (not so obvious in the pictures). If it is the same bird then that is obviously an unreliable character for aging. Finches are also to be seen in good numbers at the moment and both Greenfinch (grønnfink) and Goldfinch (stillits) provided some good photo opportunities.

young Goldfinch (stillits)

female Smew (lappfiskand) - but is it possible to age it?

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