Thursday, 8 August 2013

Årnestangen in the rain

The Oslo Birder went birding with The Natural Born Birder today. Fellow British birder, Julian Bell, from the west coast near Bergen was in Oslo so in constant rain we went out to Årnestangen hoping for a good show of waders. There is little mud left due to rising water levels but there were LOTS of waders although no rarities unfortunately - I was hoping for Broad-billed Sandpiper (fjellmyrløper).

We had over 270 waders of 15 species which is a pretty good result for an inland location. Most numerous were Ringed Plover (sandlo) with at least 100 birds, 50 odd Common Snipe (enkeltbekkasin) and 40 Ruff (brushane). Birds were flying around all the time although it was difficult to know whether birds were arriving or just relocating. A tight flock of 10 Common Sandpipers (strandsnipe) was an unusual sight and they flew off together gaining height.

Scarcest waders were a summer plumaged Grey Plover (tundralo), 16 Knot (polarsnipe), two Temmincks Stints and one Little Stint (dvergsnipe). I am sure that a bit of perserverance out here this autumn will be rewarded with a rarity.

We also had at least four Ospreys (fiskeørn) hunting in the rain, a family party of Cranes (trane) and a juvenile Cuckoo (gjøk) which was the only  bird that I got my camera out for but the resulting picture was nothing special.

Cuckoo (gjøk).

Back at home I took a quick trip around Maridalen and was rewarded by a hunting Hobby which is only my second ever Maridalen record of a species which should have no problem breeding in the valley.

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