Sunday, 1 July 2012

The visual impressions from the mountains

I finally have internet access for the pc again, rather than relying on the telephone, so can upload pictures and video. I will start with two videos of the Great Snipe lek and then a few (OK many..) pictures of some of the great birds I have seen in Beitostølen and on Valdresflya.

The first video (taken on my second visit to the lek) is by far the best but as I used so much time putting together the second video (from my first visit) I have uploaded both. The second video has a bird calling which I believe may be a female although I coulddn't find any reference to this type of call in BWP.

DOTTEREL (boltit)

Female Dotterel Valdresflya

Male Dotterel Valdresflya
Female Dotterel from behind - I imagine that the white V marking must be used in display
Male Dotterel left and female right. In this species the female is more brightly coloured, does the chasing. has multiple mates and leaves the male to brood the eggs and raise the young .

Temminck's Stint (temmincksnipe)

Temminck's Stint. I nearly trod on this tiny bird but unfortunately the light was behind it.
Temminck's Stint
A pair of Temminck's Stints was very faithful to one small area of snow-free ground right by the road

Temminck's Stint in display flight

Purple Sandpiper (fjæreplytt)

A couple of Purple Sandpipers were also to be seen on once occasion


This small, roadside snow-free area held Dotterel, Purple Sandpiper, Temminck's Stint, Ringed Plover and Shore Lark!

Ringed Plover (sandlo)
Shore Lark (fjellerke)
Redshank (rødstilk)

Great Snipe (dobbeltbekkasin)

The lek site - held at least 10 displaying males

This view would have qualified as my best ever of Great Snipe before I had the pleasure of watching them displaying

Great Snipe - taken with flash and then brightened up in photoshop

A print screen from the video - much better quality!

also screen printed from video

In display the white tail feathers are fanned out at the end and presumably have a significant role in the display

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