Friday, 13 July 2012


We are enjoying the north of norway at the moment around Bodø. I have little to report on the birding front with only one distant sighting of White-tailed Eagle after the three days when I would normally have expected to have seen way into double figures - i hope this is just down to bad luck rather than some sudden population crash. I had a stop on Saltfjellet on the drive up where i have previously seen Red-necked Phalarope (svømmesnipe), Ptarmign (fjellrype), lekking Ruff (brushane), Short-eared Owl ( jordugle), Temminck's Stint, Long-tailed Duck (havelle) and Lapland Bunting (lappspurv) - this time one Common Gull (fiskemåke) and a Meadow Pipit (heipilerke) and that was it! Hopefully the birding gods will be kind to me in the coming days.

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