Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Curlew Sandpiper

We went looking for one of my favourite birds, Red-necked Phalarope (svømmesnipe), at Seinesodden, south of Bodø today. No luck on this front although this is a very exciting looking location. A fledged Redshank (rødstilk) with a short dark bill and yellowy orange legs had my heart racing with thoughts of Lesser Yellowlegs until it flew and revealed its distinctive white patterning. Also Lapwing (vipe), Ringed Plover (sandlo) and Teal (krikkand) breeding here and best of all a summer plumaged Curlee Sandpiper (tundrasnipe). Also seen today a close White-tailed Eagle (havørn), Twite (bergirisk) and Red-throated Diver (smålom). Also some mammals with two young Common Seals and three Grey Seals.

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