Wednesday, 4 July 2012

On the road

Why have Google stopped supporting Firefox and Windows Explorer for their blogs?! They want you to start using Chrome but they are just being ridiculous. I am forced to do everything in HTML and have far less options available to me. Rant over... Yesterday and today we have been in Vestfold staying in Horten and Stavern. Sites visited have been Borrevannet, Møringa, Presterødkilen, Mølen, Gjennestadvannet and Linnesstranda (we are now staying in Drammen). Some good birding has been had with brilliant views of 2 Honey Buzzards today at Gjennestadvannet. I, of course, had left my camera in the coach but the clients took some brilliant pictures. Also Cranes, Slavonian Grebe, Whooper Swans, Hobby, Marsh Harrier, Thrush Nightingale, Marsh Warbler amongst others.

Here are some of the pictures I didn't take
Honey Buzzard, Brian Gibbons

Thrush Nightingale, Ronan O'Malley

Honey Buzzard, Ronan O'Malley

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