Sunday, 29 January 2012

Finally...Med Gull

Thanks to the diligent work of Sindre Molværsmyr yesterday I was finally able to get to grips with the Med Gull. Sindre found out where the gull hangs out during the day, namely the area around Marienlyst in Majorstua. I have myself checked out this area three times as there were quite a few Common Gulls here but plainly not well enough. I glimpsed the gull flying around the roof tops in the area but as soon as I started throwing bread in the park the entire local population of gulls descended and there amongst 60 or so Common Gulls was the Med Gull. The birds were wary at first but soon settled down and even allowed Per Christian to drive down and see it. I fired off a couple of hundred pictures only to realise that I had the settings all wrong but still managed some half decent pics. It was also interesting noting the variation amongst the Common Gulls – some of them are surely from a long way to the east in Russia. No Ring-billed Gull though unfortunately.
Spot the odd one out

Proudly(?) sporting 2 rings

The undamaged primaries on the right wing prove this bird to be different to the one I found in October at Fornebu

In classic gull habitat

1st winter (2k) Mediterranean Gull

A young Goshawk kept buzzing the area putting gulls and doves in a panic. The local Collared Dove flock numbered 38 which is I believe a record local count for this declining Norwegian species.
Although difficult to see in this picture there was a distinct pink wash to the breast of this adult Common Gull

A particularly dark-headed Common Gull

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