Tuesday, 17 January 2012

City Birding

I held myself around Oslo today and made another attempt for the Med Gull at Frognerpark. After an hour and a quarter I had to throw in the towel again with only a handful of Blach-headed Gulls, a few colour ringed Herring Gulls and the overwintering female Teal for my troubles.
To add some excitement to the day I went to look for the Glaucous Gull again and this time it was sitting on the river bank on the same side of the river I was looking from giving frame filling views. I'm quite happy with the pictures I took:
Glaucous Gull

The bird doesn't seem to be too bothered after it was targeted by the gull ringers and is remaining faithful to this grotty part of town.
I tried to find my own rare gull on the frozen fjord by the opera but amongst 400 loafing Herring Gulls I could only turn up 3 Common Gulls. Why is it that only a few kilometres away there are 3 Iceland Gulls amongst 100 Herring Gulls and rare gulls turn up on grotty river banks and in parks but there are none amongst the largest local concentration of Herring Gulls? I picked up the female Kestrel which is wintering in the docks -  a rare local winter record and then dropped in at Fornebu where the only bird of note was yet another Great Grey Shrike.
Male Bullfinch Frognerparken

Rear end of a male Teal, Sandvika

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