Monday, 2 January 2012

Change of scenery

Oslo Birder became South of England Birder over New Year with visits to friends and family in Sussex, Oxfordshire and West London. The bird life is so different to that in Norway at this time of the year but is also very different to when I left the UK 11 years ago. Large raptors have become very common with Red Kites seemingly everywhere and a real "garden" bird in many parts. Buzzards are also common but are easily outnumbered by the Kites. Back in the day either one of these would have made my day with a single sighting. Driving along the M40 to Oxford we must have had over 40 Red Kites with birds seeming to be attracted to vilages where I guess food is put out for them.
Finding my own Red Kite in Norway will definitely be one of goals this coming spring.

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