Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Today I awoke to -5C, blue skies and no fog. Time for another try for the geese. Well viewing conditions were perfect but were there any geese? Of course not! They may very well still be in the area but it could well be that the freezing conditions have given them the final nudge to continue on to their wintering grounds in Denmark.
There were still 64 Whooper Swans on the fields which allowed me to take some nice pictures. The thick frost is very evident and in the second (unfortunately slightly out of focus) picture you can see the breath of the calling swan.
Whooper Swans

Otherwise little to see. A flock of 40 Goosander were feeding very actively with a few gulls flying overhead so were presumably chasing a shoal of fish. Still 3 Common Scoter and around 40 Canada Geese. An immature Goshawk flew past me at such close range that I heard it flapping its wings.

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