Saturday, 19 November 2011

Others have all the luck

Had an enjoyable although largely bird free day guiding Belgian, but living in Spain, birder Albert Savijn. First port of call was Mellomkollen for the grouse I had seen yesterday. Well, surprise surprise nothing to see or hear today. Two hours of trudging around the forest revealed a mixed tit flock and a calling Green Woodpecker.
Then off to Nordre Øyeren where we encountered thick fog. Upon checking my phone I saw I had a missed call and a message from Kjetil Johannessen. Whilst we were in Maridalen he had been in Sørkedalen (the next valley to the west) and had found a flock of 10 Bean Geese and also had been lucky enough to take the following picture of a bird he knew I needed (the picture is taken with his mobile of the display on the back of his camera):
A bird I never see but that others just stumble across.....

Well, at least I have a site to try out next week.
Due to the fog we saw very little at Øyeren although a flock of Common (Mealy) Redpolls was a new (sub)species for Bert. The 3 Common Scoter could just be made out through the fog and we flushed a Common Snipe.
With an hour of sunlight left we checked out Fornebu where a Kestrel, Red-throated Diver, Velvet Scoter and 9 Razorbills were the only birds of interest.

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