Monday, 14 November 2011

Birding in the mist

Whooper Swans

Geese of some description

Over the weekend a number of birders had got to grips with the goose flock at Nordre Øyeren with 10 Taiga Bean Geese being found in addition to the White-fronts although not the Tundra Bean Geese I saw earlier. There are also growing numbers of Whooper Swans and a flock of 28 Long-tailed Ducks was also found so I thought it would be worth another visit to day.
Glorious sunshine in Oslo gave way to thick fog as I left Oslo but coming through the tunnel to Lillestrøm there was again thick fog. I waited 2 and a half hours for the fog to lift but there was no sign of any improvement so I was home for lunch. There were definitely birds present. 59 Whooper Swans were grazing close enough to the road to be seen through the fog and geese were to be heard and glimpsed but some shooting (or I hope bird scarers) put everything up and they could be heard disappearing out on to the water. The video gives a bit of a feeling for the atmosphere!

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