Tuesday, 8 March 2011


A walk in Maridalen gave me year ticks in the form of Raven and Goldcrest aswell as singing Treecreeper, Hawfinch, Yellowhammer and the usual suspects. In the small wood where Tawny Owls bred last year I was quite sure I could hear one calling (during daytime) but when I located the bird it turned out to be a Jay doing a very good imitation. I have heard something similar once before but never as persistently as this bird. I also found a Goshawks nest which I had been tipped off about and it was quite an impressive construction although judging by the amount of snow still on top of the nest it is not (yet) in use this year. Also evidence that the beavers are active came from a lot of tracks orginating from their lodge and what appeared to be new tree damage.
The year list rises to 59!
I have booked tickets for a trip to Finmark at the end of May which I am getting really excited about. There should be some magical birding with a handful of ticks including Lesser White Fronted Goose which has always been a dream bird for me especially to see undoubtedly wild birds close to their last remaining breeding grounds in Europe. This is why we are going at the end of May rather than the end of June when most people visit and the Arctic Warblers and Little Buntings have returned. By going in May we should also get to see the end of the spring migration and lots more displaying birds especially waders.

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