Thursday, 24 March 2011

Dawn Chorus

Up at 6am today to squeeze in a tour around Maridalen before work. Should probably just have stayed in bed...
Despite plus temperatures and a blue sky, the fields are still covered in snow and this combined with a fresh northerly wind is a bit of an impediment for migrants.
There were some positive signs though. The dawn chorus is now getting going. Greenfinches, Yellowhammers, Blackbird and a few newly arrived Chaffinches were all going strong backed up by drumming Great Spotted Woddpeckers and my first Black Woodpecker of the year heard calling and seen in flight. The feeding stations were mostly devoid of birds although a Hawfinch was seen very briefly.
Visibile migration was not entirely absent: 2 Wood Pigeons flew south (!) and a flock of 9 Great Tits gave the impression of being on active migration as they flew over heading north.
2 Goldeneyes were on the small area of open water (my first here in 2011) and a moose showed well.

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