Sunday, 20 March 2011


A couple of ski trips in Maridalen and Nordmarka this weekend revealed little in the way of birds. The weather was fantastic with blue skies and temperatures up to 7C but there is just too much snow on the ground for most migrants to attempt to come this far north just yet.
A Green Woodpecker was signing by the church in Maridalen on Saturday and today I followed the same route when I went owling earlier in the week. I finally noticed the good numbers of Crossbills that others are reporting with birds calling and singing at a number of places on the way. The ski back didn't go quite as planned after the binding on one my skis snapped meaning I had to walk the last 4km - this was quite a shame as I had finally mastered (or at least nearly so) the steeper downhills.
On the one (small) area of open water at Maridalsvannet were 3 Whooper Swans (a pair and a youngster) who were fast asleep presumably after having flown in today from further south. I wonder if these are on their way further north of whether they are the pair that bred successfully here last summer. If the temperatures remain in the red then the area of open water at Maridalsvannet will quickly grow meaning that it should start attracting a few more waterbirds.
In the afternoon a tight group of 22 Waxwings not far from the house feeding on apples (which judging by their sweet smell have fermented) and also engaging in some song.

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