Sunday, 22 September 2019

Værøy 2019 Day 4

The “lovely” weather continues and it is very nice to be outside but the birding remains dire despite the wind being from the east.

A definite highlight after dinner last night was joining some of the “crew” for some Storm Petrel ringing. I saw three birds lured into the net and as always there is something magical getting close to this tiny, fragile looking bird that lives its life at sea without ever seeming to be affected by storms. We also witnessed a very impressive display of northern lights. After getting to bed late I was awoken at 0630 by a very interesting and loud call from outside my bedroom window. I was so excited by the call that I pulled on my thermal underwear and ran outside. I followed the call to the beach to find once again that it was an otter. I wonder if it is mating season because they are making a lot of noise!

Today’s birding included a few flocks of migrating Barnacle Geese (genuine wild arctic breeding birds rather than the feral stuff we see around Oslo), Pomarine Skua, Golden Eagle, Rough-legged Buzzard, Redstart, Parrot Crossbills and a couple of Yellow-browed Warblers. Highlight for me though was sitting on the beach in great light and enjoying the company of 3 Bar-tailed Godwits.

Storm Petrel (havsvale) in the hand

the northern lights hand held with 10 second shutter speed. As usual they look much greener in the picture than they did live
The island of Mosken with the Lofoten island chain in the background

Painted Ladies (tistelsommerfugl) have even made it to Værøy

I got a bit closer to some Parrots today

Redstarts (rødstjert) are always nice and adult males are definitely not to be sniffed at

the Rough-legged Buzzard (fjellvåk) seems to have got the taste for rat
migrating Barnacle Geese (hvitkinngås)

and one that had lost its kin

Bar-tailed Godwit (lappspove). I took many pictures...

I worked hard to get the reflection but this was the best I managed


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