Monday, 5 November 2018

A lull

November can often be a disappointing time for birding and the start of November 2018 feels like it will be one of those times. A trip out to the islands on Thursday last week was very quiet although very close views of the long staying Red-necked Grebe did make it feel worthwhile. At this time of the year it is Fornebu and Østensjøvannet that are often the most productive places. Fornebu got some good coverage (by others) at the weekend but the Sibe Tit was not refound although a late Wheatear caused some heartbeats to be raised for a while.. Østensjøvannet also had some local good birds with Smew, Little Grebe, what looks to be a very late Willow Warbler (from the hard to judge pictures) and a late Pink-footed Goose. I headed there this morning and saw the Smew which is a good Oslo bird. A Long-tailed Duck did get reported and I felt very inadequate for not managing to see it since I had looked over the area before it was reported and then again only 1 minute after it was reportedly there, so I guess it just landed very briefly before moving on.

Hopefully there will be some excitement soon as Great Grey Owls seem to be on the move and are turning up in unexpected places and I know exactly where I will find one in Maridalen 😊

Red-necked Grebe (gråstrupedykker) - its moult has come so far now that the stripes of the juvenile plumage have gone now 

this Sparrowhawk (spurvehauk) was on Nakkholmen. Raptors seem to be ever so scarce at the moment

female Eider (ærfugl)

the late and lonely Pink-footed Goose (kortnebbgås) at Østensjøvannet. The white edges to the feathers show it to be a juvenile 
the Smew (lappfiskand) was at distance which is normal with this species. I think I can see some white feathers appearing in the crown which would make it a juvenile male

female Teal (krikkand)

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