Thursday, 15 November 2018


I really can’t wait for my birding in Rogaland as it is all so grey and gloomy in Oslo just now. At least there was no fog today so it was possible to see what little is around. The two remaining Guillemots were visible on Maridalsvannet today and are clearly finding enough to eat. At Østensjøvannet the long staying Smew showed unusually well.

The Smew (lappfiskand). With closer views I can't see any white feathers on the head so it is probably a female although I am unable to age it.

There are unusually many Grey Herons and Cormorants at Østensjøvannet this autumn so there must be a lot of fish

this young Mute Swan was apparantly not born until July and has not yet developed its flight feathers fully. It has been abandoned by its parents who presumably sense that there is something wrong with their offspring. It is surviving on bread now and walked 30 metres when some people started throwing food out.

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